It’s incredibly important for me to get feedback from you. That’s how I gradually become a better teacher and work on uncovering my blind spots.

Getting praises for an amazing class feels great, but learning about the moments where I could have done better or differently is essential.

I’m also genuinely curious about how you experience your practice. There’s no right or wrong way when you’re connected to an inquisitive mind.

In order for me to process and integrate your feedback I’d appreciate if took a little bit of time to reflect on the things you’d like to share with me. Most importantly why they make you feel a certain way and what you think my part was in that experience.

You can give feedback anonymously, but if you’d like me to get back to you, please leave your email address.

    Email (optional)

    Something really worked for you in a class?
    How did it make you feel? Do you know why?

    Something didn't work for you in a class?
    Do you know why? What do you think I could have done better?

    Is there anything else you'd like to share?


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