Hey my name’s Éric Leclercq (he/they) and I share a fun and exploratory yoga practice.

I’ve been teaching yoga for 8 years. I initially trained in kundalini yoga and instructed it in a very fun and non dogmatic way. Some 3 years ago, after a lot of personal work, I decided to fully distance myself from this practice and its community. I could not reconcile my ethics with the revelations of abuses from its creator and the silence or denial of most teachers. This experience led me to clarify my values, my responsibilities as a teacher, and what I want to offer to students.

Since then I’ve been teaching a very playful and joyful style of (for lack of a better name) embodied vinyasa. It’s a practice that’s informed by the work of such teachers as Naomi Absalom, David Kam, and Julie Martin.

I put a strong emphasis on the values of curiosity, playfulness, and agency. My classes are less about “Am I doing it right?” and more about “What am I feeling here?” or “What if? / Why not?”. There’s always a balance between structured sequences and moments of invitations to explore movement.

I see my practice as essentially queer (and open to all) because it’s not prescriptive, it doesn’t rely on compliance, and it keeps a safe and respectful distance from lineages. I help students develop a critical mind for approaching their practice with agency and self-care. My classes are a great complement to more alignment based classes.

I’ve had consistent feedback that my classes have motivated students to move in a way that feels right for them and overcome some of their insecurities (for example after an injury).

I’ve taught mainly at Yellow Yoga and We Are Village: morning challenges (3 weeks of morning classes around a theme with a group), 10 week courses, workshops, and retreats.


  • Kundalini Yoga: 200h, finished in 2014 in Berlin
  • Teaching Embodied Yoga: 50h self study program, 2021


These days I’m teaching two classes a week: Wednesday and Friday evenings. I’m available to teach any other time during the week.


Here are two sequences that are pretty representative of my style of teaching.



I’m looking forward to hearing from you!