3-Week Morning Challenge: Practicing self-care with kundalini yoga

February 17th to March 6th 2020

3-week morning challenge

How can we use our yoga practice to invite more self-care into our life?
How can we invite more self-care into a practice that is sometimes tough?

Each time you come to class you bring your habits and your relationship to yourself to the mat. What you do there is often a mirror of what you do in your daily life. The yoga practice is a place to try out new things and experiment. It’s a space to discover other ways of relating to your self by stepping out of your comfort zone for a while and discovering what lies beyond.

During these three weeks, together we will explore together how to create a practice of tender self-care using kundalini yoga. Kundalini yoga can give you the tools and the drive to make changes in your life and make steps towards more self-love. It can be a messy and demanding journey, but it’s also so exciting and so rewarding. We are all warriors of self-love.

Together we’ll create a space for a deep and loving practice, for asking questions, and sharing experiences.

Both absolute beginners and experienced yogis are very welcome. All you need is a curious mind, an open heart, and a pair of lungs.

No Freak-out, No Drama (October 2019)

images by Harijot Kaur Khalsa

Sunday October 6th, 13h – 17h

Believe it or not, according to yogic philosophy you have not just one but three minds: negative, positive, and neutral.

Knowing what they are, how they serve you or restrain you, and how you can train them is a key to your mental, emotional, and spiritual development ✨

In this workshop we’ll go in details about the structure of the minds and learn how to relate to them.

Working on yourself means working on your minds, and this is an incredible act of self-care 💓

This workshop will give you tools to you make more sense of what goes on in your head, see your inner drama and Kofpkino for what it really is, see what drives you and inspires you, and empower you to bring more love and more growth in your life 🙏

There will be time for theory and practice, for asking questions and sharing, for reflecting and integrating.

Absolute beginners and experienced yogis are most welcome. All you need is a curious mind, an open heart, and a pair of lungs.

Time is the Vessel – A Kundalini Yoga Workshop (April 2019)

This workshop will be 4h of taking the time to dive deeper in the experience.
Time to arrive, to precisely explain the asanas, to feel in between the asanas.
Time for two sets and two meditations.
Time for some partner work.
Time to share feedback and experiences, and time to ask questions.

14th of April 2019, 11h – 15h

3-Week Morning Challenge (February-March 2019)

Three weeks of morning practice around the topic of Prana.

We’ve made resolutions for the new year and set daring intentions to guide us forward. But winter in Berlin is long and grey and wears us down. Our daily lives are often full and ever-changing and it’s sometimes hard to keep up.
How do we ensure that we have enough energy in us to fuel our desires? How do we connect to our inner potential and bring it out? How do we stay on track and continue practicing what’s right for us?
During these 3 weeks, you will come closer in contact with the practice of Kundalini Yoga and the topic of Prana, the Life Energy. You will learn and experience how to harvest, harness, feel, guide, and transform Prana in its diversity.
There will be space for a deep and loving practice, for asking questions, sharing experiences, and investigating together.

Yellow Yoga Retreat at Ponderosa (August 2018)

Three days of retreat around the mantra “It’s like this now”.

During this retreat we will share a practice of Vinyasa Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, meditation and chanting mantras. We will also work to cultivate mindful communication and mindful touch. These tools will help us to experience surrendering, a state of mind that allows us to expand our awareness to a bigger, more compassionate picture of the present moment. Join Anya, Éric and Michael for a transformative and grounding weekend in beautiful Ponderosa.

Ness for Men (May 2018)

Stretch Festival (April 2017)

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