4 Pretty Helpful Questions

How to ask helpful questions to maintain a level of awareness in your practice and get your self unstuck.

4 Pretty Helpful Questions

You may have heard me mention them in my classes, these 4 questions are designed to increase your level of awareness without interrupting the immersion in the practice. They encourage trying things out and not focusing on perfection.

How is my breath?
Is my breath flowing effortlessly? Does it feel stuck or tense? Am I on autopilot? Usually simply by asking this question you get in a state of inquiry and openness.
Do I feel stable?
Am I having trouble keeping my balance? Can I hold this position a little longer? Does it feel like I'm going to fall?
Can I move?
Is it possible to move around a bit in this position? Are my joints locked? Are my muscles fully tensed? Do I feel stuck?
What can I adjust?
What small or bigger changes could I make that would help? I could slow down my breathing or make it stronger. I could change the position of my feet so that I have better balance. I could take a little break to re-center myself. Anything is worth exploring playfully.

So ideally you'll go through these questions every now and then during practice

You may also find that these questions can be used outside of movement practice in many life situations. In that case they might relate more to emotional or psychological states.

As always the simple act of inquiring will help you get out of autopilot and back into awareness.