Hey my name’s Éric (he/they) and I share a fun, exploratory, and queer yoga practice in Berlin.

Playfulness, Curiosity, Agency

My classes embody these three core values. They strive to break free from rigid alignments and perfectionism. We pay a lot of attention to the liminal spaces, what happens in between asanas.

Something known, something new, and something weird

Each class is a surprising blend of these ingredients. Together we explore dynamic flows that incorporate elements of dance and somatic practices. I invite you to listen to your body and explore movements that feel good to you. There’s never a dull moment!

A queer practice?

I see my practice as essentially queer because it’s not prescriptive, it doesn’t rely on your compliance, and it keeps a safe and respectful distance from lineages. I help you develop tools and a critical mind for approaching your practice with agency and self-care.

Read more about my values in my Teacher Manifesto.


I teach weekly classes at the wonderful Yellow Yoga studios in Kreuzberg and Neukölln.