Yoga with a Playful Edge

Hi my name’s Éric and I teach yoga in Berlin. My practice is mindful, spiritual, loving, energetic, and fun.

Find out more about my approach to teaching and where I offer classes. And if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

self portrait

I share a playful, kind, and exploratory yoga practice that uses elements from kundalini yoga as well as other movement and meditation disciplines. It’s a practice that moves freely in the spaces between lineages. I don’t focus on perfect alignments but rather more on the degrees of freedom that postures allow us to experience.

What we experiment with in the classes aims to help us meet ourselves, open up, and freak out less. It prepares us for The Real Yoga Set: the one that is just outside of the studio, in the streets, at work, with friends, with lovers, with our family, etc.